Dodgeball Player of the Day (5/14): Victor Ruiz

In the opening day of dodgeball, the talent levels of players varied immensely. One player that stood out above the rest was senior Victor Ruiz.

Victor is part of team Bubba Gump. Bubba Gump dominated today, easily delivering a 3-0 performance against the E-lemon-ators.

“I felt like today was a pretty easy game so my team easily flourished,” Victor said. “I can’t wait to play more competitive teams.”

Victor plays wide receiver for the varsity football team and was selected to compete in the football All-Star game this summer. His ability to catch was on show today as he pulled in balls thrown right at him, as well as throws several feet above or to each side.

Though his competition today could not keep up, Bubba Gump will need Victor’s hands in future rounds. Bubba Gump plays the Fruit Fighters in the second round of dodgeball next Tuesday, May