Dodgeball Player of the Day (5/15): Joe Kull

The level of play increased as many of the teams and players stepped their game up on the second day of dodgeball. One particular player, sophomore Joe Kull, led his team, the Dodgefathers, to victory against Lil B Productions by staying alive for the last minute of their matchup.

The Dodgefathers took a 1-0 lead early on and appeared to be in control, but a Lil B comeback quickly threatened to force an overtime sudden death. With the rest of his team out with just a minute left, Joe not only survived, but managed to eliminate two of the four standing Lil B Productions players. Joe made a clutch catch in the dying seconds of the game to turn the tables in favor of the Dodgefathers, ensuring them a win by way of having more players standing.

Dodgeball is continuing to heat up; expect the games to get more intense and the performances to get more clutch.