Pizza Studio: Unique Creations for a Bargain

The customizable meal popularized by mega-chains like Chipotle has taken the 2010s by storm. While good-intentioned, it seems that the idea of a more expensive, pre-designed dish is a thing of the past. Behind-the- scenes chefs’ assembled plates are being swapped out for the cheaper, but certainly more flexible assemblage of whatever topping/salsa/meat/anything strikes the patron’s fancy at the particular moment of ordering.

Enter Pizza Studio, the newcomer to San Antonio Village. Upon arrival at the restaurant, customers are greeted by continuously cheerful and enthusiastic employees who immediately offer the option of the “Ultimate Pizza” in which, after selecting a crust, customers can pile on toppings to their hearts’ content. The alternative is one of the three pre-designed dishes. Currently, Pizza Studio offers four crust options: from fiery to savory to flax-seed-healthy. They even offer a tapioca-based gluten-free crust. And, if you elect to have the gluten-free crust, they’ll offer to change their gloves. (And they said “gluten- free” would never catch on).

Next, Pizza Studio employees walk customers through various sauce and cheese options, as well as over 14 vegetable toppings and more than eight meat toppings. Customers can also choose to add some flavorful salts, like truffle salts, and garnishes, like basil. Finally, the pizza goes to the oven for baking.

At $7.99 before tax, Pizza Studio’s “Ultimate Pizza” is a bargain. Considering the ultimate (and tempting) idea of choosing every single topping offered, the price tag becomes almost negligible compared to the amount of food you get. The final product is always satisfying, especially considering all that could go wrong (or right) in having the power to choose so many pizza toppings. The pizza also is always perfectly toasted and portioned.

Another one of Pizza Studio’s selling points is its health— not necessarily in its calorie count, but certainly in the quality of the ingredients. All vegetables are certified organic, all meats are raised “cruelty free” and all cured meats are sans-additives and sans-preservatives. Whether or not the quality bump has a psychosomatic effect or if maniacally organic food actually tastes better remains to be seen, but the final product is a slam-dunk, time and time again.

The only drawback is Pizza Studio’s selection of fountain drinks. In abiding by its health standards, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or anything of the like is nowhere to be seen on the premises. Instead, fountain drinks of some unmemorable and frankly disgusting organic soda company are available. I don’t really know how healthy I feel drinking “Cane Sugar Cola” … especially when it tastes like sugary dish soap.

Overall, Pizza Studio is an ultra-customizable, ultra-organic, ultra-preservative-free environment with excellent options, bubbly staff and a wonderful end product. The price is fair, and the location is convenient. Just be sure to bring your own drinks. (Or, you can try the Lemon/Lime Soda drink, which coincidentally also tastes like sugary dish soap).