Photos of Broken Box tech nights for The Continuum Tales show dedication


Aimee Ge

Broken Box members sit during a tech week rehearsal for their newest show, “The Continuum Tales.”

Behind the scenes of every successful show is the hours of rehearsal the actors, tech crew and directors go through. With their newest show, “The Continuum Tales,” Broken Box members have dedicated themselves for hours perfecting the show in order to put on a spectacular finale for the production year — and tech nights serve as the culmination of their commitment.

From smoothing out lighting and sound cues to running through the full show, the hours that Broken Box members spend after school during tech nights working on shows are dedicated fully to polishing and finalizing their performance. The Talon interviewed Broken Box member and sophomore Audrey Jamieson and looked into Broken Box’s tech night process, giving a glimpse into the hard but rewarding pre-show workflow.

“Tech really exemplifies how everything comes together because there are actors, but there are also so many people on tech crew who have worked endlessly to make props and sets and design sound cues for the background,” Audrey said. “Just seeing everyone’s work collectively come together is one of my favorite things about theater because it’s like everybody’s passions are working as one.”

“The Continuum Tales” has been a long but worthy journey. For some, it marks their last high school show before they move on to college. For others, it may be the beginning of many more years spent in Broken Box. Yet regardless of differences, they all share one thing — remarkable passion for the stage and dedication to making the last show of the year the best one yet.