Photography I Dots Campus With Pictures

Since last week, photographs have appeared around campus. The pictures, often accompanied by a caption, were found in places ranging from hallways to bathroom stalls.

The photos are the product of the Photography I class’s latest project. With inspiration from French street artist JR, the students were instructed to create photographs that dealt with a topic or issue on campus. Prints of the photos were then put on display at places targeted to inspire student curiosity about the photos.

“The whole point was [that the students] would make these projects and then they would put them on campus in places that would make them think, ‘What is this photo about?’ and ‘Why is this here?’” Photography I teacher Jessica Hayes said.

The topics tackled included eating disorders, stress, gossip and cliques. Freshman Kendall Ng, whose project focused on waste, found the assignment revealing in terms of the types of topics students really cared about.

“I think it’s a good experience to see what other students think are important issues on campus,” Kendall said.

The project is an ongoing lesson on unprotected art as well. The class will observe how the environment and other students affect the photos until the week after Spring Break, when the photos will be taken down.

A video detailing the work after which the project was modeled can be found here.