Photo Essay: Varsity girls softball shuts out Notre Dame 8–0


Matthew Diederich

Senior Kelly Zoglin makes a hit during the third inning.

The varsity girls softball team dominated Notre Dame High School last Tuesday, shutting the Tigers out through seven innings and maintaining their fourth-place spot in league standings.

The Eagles set the tone early with first-inning scores by seniors Lauren Han and Aly Barrios, holding a 2–0 lead through the first two innings. In the bottom of the third, Lauren got her second hit of the day with a two-run homer over the center field fence.

With one runner on base, junior Sophia Asar winds up for a pitch during the third inning. (Matthew Diederich)

The team ultimately pulled away in the fifth inning after senior Ainsley White batted in two runs with a single, extending the lead to five. Seniors Kaitlyn Smiley and Maggie Byrne then blew the game open with a single and a double, respectively, and Aly capped off her impressive performance with two more late runs.

The LAHS infield defense meets at the pitcher’s circle to discuss during the fourth inning. (Matthew Diederich)
Following a short ground ball hit, freshman Isabella Sanchez attempts to outrun the throw to a Notre Dame High School player during the fifth inning. (Matthew Diederich)

Starting pitcher senior Sophia Asar matched the team’s success at the plate by allowing just eight hits, none of which got the Tigers past second base.

Senior Maggie Byrne reaches for the ball, preparing to get an out during the sixth inning. (Matthew Diederich)
Senior Sophia Asar throws a pitch in the fourth inning. (Matthew Diederich)

The win puts the Eagles at 11–8 on the season—three wins behind third-place Wilcox High School and one ahead of Mountain View High School. Their next four games will continue to be league matchups, making the final stretch pivotal for a chance at the postseason.

The LAHS varsity girls softball team celebrates senior Lauren Han’s third-inning home run. (Matthew Diederich)
Senior Maggie Byrne gets the out during the sixth inning. (Matthew Diederich)