Performing Arts Wraps Up Year

Dance Show
“Dancing Through Life”  featured jazz, hip-hop and various other dances including rhythmic gymnastics and tango to showcase the talents of students that have enrolled in the school’s dance program. With dances centered around classes, styles and solo performances, the show premiered May 15 and 16. The show concluded the efforts of the dance classes and dance team.

“All of the dances were really unique and different from each other,” senior Sophie Tahran, captain of the varsity dance team said. “ We had stuff from ‘Mulan’ and ‘Chicago,’ which kept the show moving quickly. The point of the variety of dances was to cover multiple aspects of life.”

Choral Department
The Choral Department end-of-the-year concert, titled “The Magnificent Earth,” took a new slant and was dedicated to the earth.

The various groups sang in front of images of nature on May 18 and featured various inspiring songs about Earth. Songs such as “Cloudburst” featured sounds made with hands to stimulated the rainforest and other habitats.

“Everyone enjoyed [it],” Mainstreet singer senior Gabriella Guidi said. “It was something unique and different from other previous concerts during the year.”

With solos and a choral union, the concert emphasizes a different genre of music.

Acting I Performance
Like the end of last semester, Acting I performed monologues in their performance as a final and a show for the end of second semester on May 20. All Acting I students either performed a scene from a play or a monologue.

“I am feeling excited,” sophomore Daniel Anderson said. “I’m looking forward to showcasing the skills I have attained during the year.”

Spring Art Show
On May 23, the Art Department held an art show to showcase the work of Studio Art AP students. The show displayed various student pieces in the cafeteria for students as well as outside visitors to view. The show lasted all day through brunch and lunch.

Visitors voted on their favorite pieces of art to recognize the most impressive piece.

With pieces from throughout the year, the show demonstrated various styles and the growth of the Studio Art AP students through the course.