Performing Arts Department Announces “Anything Goes” Cast

The Performing Arts Department released the cast for the upcoming school musical “Anything Goes” today, November 20. The roles will be played by the following students:

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh-Sam Gavenman
Bill Crocker-Andrew Leidenthal
Elisha Whitney-Anthony Mata
Moonface Martin-Mark Peng
Luke-Carlos Mendoza
John-Jonathan Martinez
Ship’s Captain-Matt Nero
Sailor Quartet-William Bassett, Daniel Beatty, Eddie Barnes, Oscar Huang
Reno Sweeney-Alice Carli
Evangeline Harcourt-Kamala Sloss
Hope Harcourt-Ellie Robertson
Erma-Ally Bakos
Reno’s Angels-Tali Caspi, Chloe Arrouye, Margherita Lacapra, Sitar Terrass-Shah
“Easy to Love” Ballerina-Megan Girczyc
Ship’s Purser-Hannah Snee

Chorus Girls-Elizabeth Arnold, Jessica Arnold, Margaret Branyon-Goodman*, Jill Campbell, Cleo Chung, Sarah Corner, Megan D’Andrea, Maribelle Dickins, Paloma Hamlett*, Grace Kaidy, Joanne Ko, Elizabeth Kristian, Sharon Serper*, Amy Shannon*, Caroline Steffens, Melanie Tran, Sonia Uppal, Maddie Woch, Laura Yedra, Sarah Zanjani, Karen Zellers
(* = accent dancers)

Chorus Guys-Michael Bassett, Steven Dittmer, Mingyi Hua, Ryan Norton, Alexei Rodriguez, Noah Rulison, Edgar Tapia Mendoza

The musical is set on a boat headed from New York to London. One of the main characters, Billy Crocker, falls in love with Hope Harcourt. However, Harcourt is already engaged. The rest of the plot involves Crocker’s quest to win Harcourt’s love with the aid of Reno Sweeney, a nightclub singer, and Moonface Martin.

Anything Goes was revealed as this year’s musical in October. A group of performing arts teacher worked together to decide and plan the musical.

“I believe they all take into consideration how each performing art can be highlighted in the show,” junior Hannah Snee said. “[Anything Goes] does a good job of portraying the arts of singing, acting, dancing, and music.”

The students participated in open auditions to make the cast. Students who auditioned were expected to participate in their respective glee classes during lunch (girls and mens glee). Additionally, they had to practice a particular piece or scene at home to perform at the actual auditions. Those who wanted to sing had to sing in small groups. Others who strived for an acting part had to perform a short scene. Some who wanted a lead role had to stay in and sing individually after everybody left.

Cast members will have a mandatory cast meeting on Tuesday, November 27 at 3:30 p.m. in the choir room. The members will perform the musical in February of 2013.