P.E. Credit Requirements Change for Following Year

New state policies concerning P.E. credits will be implemented in the upcoming school year. Most colleges do not require that students take P.E. in high school, but the school insists that students fulfill at least 2 years, or 20 credits, to graduate.

Marching Band
Next year, marching band will not provide physical education credits. Originally, sophomores in marching band received 2.5 credits, the equivalent of one quarter of P.E.
“Either way I would do marching band, but it’d be really nice if I’d get the credits,” freshman Esther Park said. “If we don’t have the credits then it’s going to be less numbers of members in marching band.”
Instrumental Music Director Ted Ferrucci disagrees.
“Those that participate in marching band are participating in it for beyond the physical education,” Ferrucci said. “Although I’m disappointed, and I’ll bet that students and families will be disappointed, I don’t think it’s going to affect enrollment.”
Marching band members may still receive fine art and elective credits, but P.E. credits must be obtained through involvement in a team sport, jazz dance or a traditional P.E. class.

Freshman P.E.
Additionally, the School Board is considering adjusting fitness testing requirements, though this policy is not yet official. Typically, students take fitness tests both freshman and sophomore year. However, the School Board is considering implementing a change so that freshmen who pass five out of six of their tests may be exempt from taking P.E. sophomore year.
Students will still be required to complete 20 P.E. credits in order to graduate, but they will not need to have all of them complete by the end of sophomore year.
Another new requirement states that, starting next year, all freshmen must be enrolled in a daily P.E. credit class. Currently, freshmen who play sports are excused from their daily class during their sport seasons. Now, freshmen student athletes will need to attend their daily P.E. classes while participating in their sports.

Athlete Requirements
The board is also discussing the number of credits student athletes will receive. Typically students receive 2.5 credits for participating in a seasonal sport, but the Board is considering granting 5 credits for one sport season. Students will receive a maximum of credit for two sports. Participation in other sports may provide elective credit.
The School Board will make its official decisions next Monday. It will meet at 7 p.m. at the District Office.