Outreach Group Seeks to Unify Student Body

The ASB’s new Outreach Committee enacted this year is intended to bridge the gap between students on campus, according to Outreach Commissioner senior Rosita Mancilla. Outreach Committee members take on various projects and events to include students who are not normally involved with school events. In making the students feel welcome and a part of the student body, according to Rosita, the entire student body will be more united.

“This is one of the most important things ASB can do,” Rosita said.

The Outreach program goes into the school to talk to English Language Development (ELD) and Opportunity class students and involves them in as much as possible. Some of their projects include helping out during Homecoming Week by explaining its significance to students and encouraging them to get involved. They also send notes to the ELD and Opportunity students to encourage them to work hard and pass their tests during finals.

Outreach relies on a core group including Rosita, junior William Martinez and seniors Jesse Gaitan and Miguel Vazquez. Other ASB members also help out.

So far, Outreach is making a difference. According to ELD teacher Hector Perez, after Outreach came into his class and addressed the class, ELD went on to place third for the Homecoming Hall decorations. According to Election Commissioner junior Jackie Radford, this was a first in the school’s history.

“They had probably ranked in previously years with their clubs, but this was the first time they did it as a whole,” Jackie said.

Their current project is the upcoming Diversity Week, working with the campus’ culture clubs to prepare for it. The Outreach Committee is dedicated to bringing the student body together.

“[Outreach is] a way to reach out to kids who don’t get the help they need,” William said. “It’s a great way to help out.”