Orchestra Creates Chamber Ensembles

This semester, in addition to performing complete orchestra works, Chamber Ensemble will implement a new chamber music program. Chamber music, a form of classical music written for small groups of instruments, will allow students to learn pieces arranged for string trios and quartets among other groupings.

Members of Chamber Ensemble had the opportunity to organize their own groups and select their music with the aid of Instrumental Music Department Director Ted Ferrucci and music teacher Lara Levy.

Students will meet on a weekly basis to practice various pieces. Nearly all musicians are participating in the chamber music program.
“Chamber music is a great way to hone listening and playing skills,” junior Sarah Zanjani said. “There’s only one person playing each part, so he or she is 100 percent responsible for it.”

The groups may perform a concert later in the semester.

“I’m excited for this concert because it is something we’ve never done before,” junior Jenny Marino said. “Splitting up sections and playing as ensembles [will make it] interesting to see how it turns out.”