Onion Punch: Segway Cop Involved in High-Speed Chase

Downtown Los Altos Segway cop Alan Keating is taking a four-day recovery period and receiving trauma counseling after being involved in a high-speed chase Monday afternoon. Keating had been courageously patrolling a row of parked cars when he allegedly saw a man jaywalk across State Street. Keating pursued the criminal on his Segway Personal Transporter at a speed of nearly 12 miles per hour, but the lawless pedestrian escaped.
“We believe the suspect is a white male between 75 and 80 years of age, and he was last seen carrying a wooden cane and a bag of what sources tell us may have been groceries,” police captain Donald Kerr said. “If anyone has any information, we urge you to come forward and help us bring this hoodlum to justice.”
Keating was not available for comment, but family members said he is recovering well from the ordeal.
“He’s just resting as much as possible,” Keating’s wife Barbara said. “I took the week off to take care of him, and the department was kind enough to provide a therapist who’s visiting twice a day. …I just keep thanking God that Alan is okay.”
According to Kerr, Keating will receive a medal for outstanding service, and a luncheon will be held in his honor next Tuesday.
“Alan is a true hero,” Kerr said. “On a daily basis he has to endure hot sunshine and often the taunts of young children, and yet each day he dons those little shorts, gets back on his scooter thing, and issues more parking tickets than the rest of our officers combined.”
City Council is considering erecting a statue of Keating in a local park but has not yet reached a decision, as the funding would have to come out of the budget for the city’s main expense, pansy gardens. The statue would depict Keating on his Segway, using a long pole to put chalk on the tires of parked cars.
According to Kerr, the police department is dedicating 90 percent of its force to the capture and arrest of the jaywalking suspect. He explained that the other 10 percent are needed for speed traps on Almond Avenue.
“This is the least we can do for our friend and colleague who sacrificed so much for our city,” Kerr said.
The City of Los Altos is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. Calls should be directed to (617) 861-3962.