ODFL Raises $828 on First Day of Fundraiser

The organization One Dollar for Life (ODFL) raised $828 from the school in its first day of its drive today, October 1.

“This has been the most we’ve ever generated in the first day,” ODFL treasurer junior Elizabeth Bishop said. “I don’t know if it is the video or people are really excited this year, but we’re pretty happy with our results from today.”

Teachers passed donation boxes around their classrooms during second period, and the classes of Pete Bjorklund, Susan Friedeberg, Adam Randall, Thomas Budd and Krista Greksouk led in the amounts collected with $82.07, $43.90, $42.70, $32.59 and $35.70, respectively.

The proceeds from the ODFL drive are going towards constructing a classroom, a kitchen and bathrooms in a school in Tepeyac, Nicaragua.

“We need another classroom because right now they can only have their younger kids during the morning,” Elizabeth said. “As a result, the fourth to sixth graders go in the afternoon and during flood season that can get dangerous. They also want a bigger school so they can walk to school with their younger siblings.”

ODFL has been preparing for this drive for several weeks by attracting students during Club Day, putting up posters and assigning students to help with the logistics of the event.

“We do presentations in our second period classrooms and we also help deliver and retrieve boxes every single day,” ODFL public relations officer sophomore Victoria Santiago said. “So everyone’s involved, which I think is really cool, because you can see the club making a difference in our community.”

This year’s project differs from last year’s, which sought to provide literacy training to 6,000 people in five villages in the Yucatan region of Mexico. The amount raised on the first day of this year’s ODFL drive was also twice the amount ODFL gathered on the first day last year.

ODFL’s goal is to collect $15 thousand from Los Altos High School, Jordan Middle School, Termin Middle School and other Palo Alto schools by the end of this week. If the goal is not, ODFL will extend the drive from one to two weeks.