ODFL Hosts Backpack Drive for Nicaraguan Students

The One Dollar for Life (ODFL) club is running a used backpack and bag drive through Friday, January 20.

Donations will be sent to a Nicaraguan organization, Seeds of Learning, and will be distributed in Montegrande, where ODFL built a classroom last summer.

“On some of the past summer trips that I and other ODFL members have been on, one of the things we noticed was that most of the students who walked to school didn’t have backpacks to carry their books in,” ODFL President senior Sophia Steffens said. “Most of them used plastic grocery bags or just carried their school things in their hands.”

There are boxes for students to drop off bags and backpacks in the library, office and science teacher Lisa Bolton’s room (709).

“Hopefully the backpacks will just make the walk to school a bit easier, and give the students their own personal place to keep their things, in the classroom and at home,” Sophia said.