ODFL Fundraises for South African Preschools

Today, April 21, One Dollar for Life (ODFL) held a car wash at the 76 station at the intersection of El Camino Real and Los Altos Avenue. ODFL raised $888, which will be taken to Johannesburg, South Africa for refurbishing preschools.

“We did really well considering we didn’t receive any help from the school in advertising the fundraiser,” sophomore Casey Vanneman said. “The club and the students did it all on their own with the help of Cathy Dwulet [Directory of Delivery Services for ODFL, Palo Alto].”

This fundraiser was an effort to raise money before ODFL’s summer service trip to South Africa. There, ODFL members will personally assist with light construction in the creation of two preschools by painting, installing shelves, building fences and constructing a puppet theater. In addition to reconstruction, ODFL members will distribute food parcels to nearby orphanages.