News Briefs

Ron Nelson to Leave School Next Semester

Security Liaison Ron Nelson will be serving his last months at the school this year. He has decided to move to Pennsylvania at the end of January to be with his family after having lived on the West Coast for 21 years.

He will miss working with students and helping the students.

“Working here has been one of the best jobs,” Nelson said.

However, Nelson clarified that this “is not retirement.” Nelson is simply taking time off to be with his loved ones. He has not seen his family for several years, so he plans on reuniting with his family and hometown.

His original plans were to leave this past summer before the school year started, but this was not possible for financial reasons.

The district has come to no conclusive decisions regarding Nelson’s replacement.

Nelson hopes to keep in touch with the school through its website and help out in any ways that he can.


Yearbook Adds New Supplement This Year

The Yearbook staff has added a new supplement to the 2008-2009 yearbook.

The new supplement is a package of pages that students will receive with the purchase of their yearbook. This package will be mailed to students during the summer after the yearbook is released. The pages will be able to be taped or glued into the yearbook’s binding. The main purpose of the new addition is to cover events that are not shown in the yearbook since they occur after the yearbook has been sent to print.

“We wanted to extend coverage since we’re making a chronological yearbook that shows events in order from the beginning of the year, [until] the end,” Yearbook’s Editor-in-Chief senior Jason DeMayo said.

Yearbook is hoping for a big success with its new supplement.


Food Drive to be Competitive this Year

After a sharp drop in food collection last year, ASB has decided to bring back competition to the annual Thanksgiving food drive.

ASB Vice President senior Jackie Radford said the decision to get rid of the competition aspect last year was to enforce the giving back to the community aspect of the food drive.

However, according to ASB, the school fell short of its goal, collecting only 9,235 pounds in last year’s food drive, a substantial decrease from previous years such as the 15,822 pounds collected in 2005.

Similar to previous years, second period classes will be rewarded based on how many pounds they raise. Prizes and other specifics have yet to be decided by ASB.