School Website Has Technical Problems

The district has transferred maintenance of the LAHS and MVHS websites from a teacher at each school to a group of technicians at the district office due to staffing cutbacks from budget shortages. According to district Technology Liaison Catherine Vonnegut, last year the schools decided to have one teacher manage the website for one period instead of teaching.

The transition to the district technicians occurred because the district technicians are more cost-effective.

“We just didn’t have the money,” Vonnegut said. “Budget cuts are really affecting every part of the district, and it costs a lot for each period [so] we had to pay more.”

Vonnegut’s team is working hard to iron out the kinks as quickly as possible, and according to Vonnegut “it is going to take time to get everything updated for this school year.”

Her team can be reached for further updates by emailing the district’s tech support.