News Briefs

AVID speaker shares advice, experience

On Tuesday, October 12, speaker Melanie Watkins talked to AVID classes during second, third and fourth period about her life experience and struggles while growing up.
Melanie is a single mom who became pregnant at the age of 16, but still fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor. Watkins has written stories for “Chicken Soup for the Single’s Soul” and “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul.”
“Dr. Watkins [came] in to share her experiences and expertise for several reasons: to be an inspiring role model, to encourage students to consider careers in medicine, and to give AVID students more direct involvement in the STEM activities,” AVID Department Coordinator Joanne Miyahara said.

Students write about cell phone use policy

English teacher Michael Smith’s Creative Views classes collaboratively wrote a letter to Principal Wynne Satterwhite about changing the cell phone policy at school. The letter was completed and sent on Friday, October 8.
The composition of the letter was a collaborative effort between Smith’s second and fifth period classes, as the students worked together to come up with ideas. In the letter, students addressed their desire to adopt Mountain View High School’s cell phone policy of allowing phone usage before zero period, after seventh period, and during brunch and lunch. They also included potential punitive options for violating the electronics policy.
“I would like to work something out with the staff and students,” Smith said.

School alumni reunion gathers class of 1970

On Saturday, October 2, the class of 1970 held its 40-year reunion in Portola Valley. According to attendee Kim Gabriel, the event was “a success.”
“It was great catching up with everyone,” Gabriel said. “It felt like we were back in the quad at school, hanging in our small groups again.”
In the 40 years since they graduated, the school has seen a lot of change.
“When I last went there, we were still the Knights and our colors were blue and gold, so it’s strange to have a different mascot and school colors,” Gabriel said.
She noted that reuniting with old friends was a fantastic way to spend an evening.
“The group obviously wanted to be there and seemed pretty happy with their lives,” Gabriel said.