News Briefs

Blood Drive to be held on November 8
The LAHS blood drive will be held on November 8 in the small gym from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The drive is organized by the Youth Engaged in Advancing Health (YEAH!) Club for the Stanford Blood Center. The club seeks at least 130 donations and has been actively involved in the process of recruiting donors. Donors can save up to four lives by donating.
Students can register either through a member of the club or online through the Facebook event page. Students between the age of 16 and 17 need to sign a waiver prior to the donation. Students 17 and older do not need parental permission to donate blood.
The YEAH! club will also be providing snacks for donors.  Participants will receive a free Chipotle gift card redeemable for a meal item.
Carranza joins district office to help district in Common Core transition    
Former math teacher Shelley Carranza has moved from her previous role as an AP Calculus AB and Algebra II teacher at the high school to a more administrative role within the district.
Carranza is now working to help the district transition meet Common Core Standards. The school has made the Common Core Standards a priority during its WASC accreditation last year. Implementing the new standards remains a goal for the district as a whole.
Carranza has also been working on implementing new technology, e.g. laptops, into classes. As future Common Core exams will be proctored on the computer, the district has made technology a priority. Additionally, she has taken on the duties of observing and working with new teachers with the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program.
LSU to host LUCHA Parent Empowerment event 
Latino Student Union (LSU) is hosting the LUCHA Parent Empowerment event on Thursday, November 14, to inform parents about ongoing events that occur on campus. Additionally, the club hopes to help inform parents about two or four-year colleges and financial aid.
“We have a lot of important people speak [at the LUCHA event] such as the vice principals, AVID teachers and the teachers that teach the enhanced classes.” LSU co-president junior Oliva Olivares said.
LSU finds these events to be particularly important as they encourage parents to be informed about on and off-campus events that they otherwise would not be able to get. There are also potential guest speakers from Foothill College that may speak on a future issue.