News Briefs

Two New Custodians Take Up the Broom
A pair of newcomers, Angel Sabangan and Adriana Bonilla, joined the custodial staff in April to replace two custodians who left. Sabangan started work on April 14 and took up the former duties of Harry Almaguer, who accepted the job of lead custodian at MVLA Adult Education. In Almaguer’s place, Sabangan now cleans the band and choir rooms and the bottom floor of the 700 building.

Bonilla was hired just two weeks after Sabangan to replace Blas Robles, who recently retired. The area she inherited from robles includes the school’s kitchen, cafeteria, library, and 300 wing.

Both Sabangan and Bonilla are happy with their new positions at the school Sabangan, who used to work as a custodian at the district office, said working here is “great,” and Bonilla is equally pleased.

“I like to work and I enjoy [the job],” Bonilla said.

ASU Unites with ODFL to Aid China Red Cross
Two days after a massive earthquake struck central China on Monday, May 12, Asian Student Union (ASU) president sophomore Minbo Gong took action to help his home country. He e-mailed One Dollar for Life (ODFL) club advisor Robert Freeman, and the two clubs set up a partnership to raise relief funds.

According to Freeman, ASU lacked the infrastructure to raise a lot of money quickly. ASU volunteers will use ODFL’s collection boxes and video advertising resources but will do all “legwork” themselves. According to Freeman, they hope to raise a total of $10,000 for the Red Cross Society of China.

To achieve their goal, Freeman said ASU is asking for $20 from each Chinese family and $1 from each non-Chinese student at the school. The club contacted Asian Student Unions at several nearby high schools to enlist help. According to Freeman, ASU’s at two schools have responded so far and are working on getting permission to fundraise from their school administrations. ASU will execute the drive the week of May 26.

New Feature Added to Naviance
Naviance now has a new career category. Within it, students can search for a career alphabetically, by keyword, field or Holland code.

The Holland code is one of six different attributes given to a career (realistic, artistic, investigative, social, enterprising, conventional). While students can either search by just choosing one of the six codes, they can combine two more attributes in their search, to find a job that has a mixture of their different preferences.

By clicking, the student is given a short description of the job and a list of similar careers. Students can also look at the most important knowledge and skills needed for the job, typical tasks done by the career and expected wages. Students can add any careers of interest to their career list.