News Briefs

AVID Recognized as Great Example
The school has been chosen by district coordinators as a California Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Demonstration School, and award given to schools that set and exceptional example for AVID programs nationwide.

“The AVID Program at Los Altos High School continues to demonstrate a commitment to self-evaluation and continuous program improvement,” AVID Regional Director Andrea Lichter said. “All of the essentials were implemented at the highest level.”

AVID is comprised of students who wish to go to college but may face academic hardship.

According to AVID Coordinator Roma Hammel, the AVID program is successful at achieving its goal.

“Before AVID existed, we only had one Latino student that made it to a four-year college,” Hammel said. “ Now, the success rate is much higher. AVID truly is the best program I’ve been a part of in my entire teaching career.”

Man Arrested on Campus for Alcohol
A young man was arrested around 2:45 p.m. November 6 in the east driveway on campus after teachers spotted him and realized he was not a student, according to Student Conduct Liaison Ron Nelson. Nelson and Student Conduct Liaison Genaro Quintana stopped the man, who was in his car, and held him until police arrived.

According to police agent Mark Laranjo, the man was arrested for possession of alcohol. Belson alleged the alcohol charge was “among other things, but I don’t know if I can divulge that.”

Physics Classes Test Student Responders
Science teacher Adam Randall’s physics classes tested out a demonstration set of wireless student responders last month, which feature a graphical screen and small keyboard. After synchronization with the teacher’s computer, its software can be used to launch a variety of interactive activities, such as taking polls.

The student responders, supplied by Troxell Communications, were acquired by the school’s technological implementation team. The team, comprised of teachers, was created during the WASC accreditation process.

“The team looks at the ways to improve the classroom environment through technology, such as the student responders, plasma TV screens and computers,” said Randall, a member of the team.

Since the current set of 24 student responders costs $3,000, the team is currently looking for cheaper alternative ways to meet their goal