News Briefs

Number of incoming Blach students up

On Thursday, February 5, ASB took nine students to Blach Junior High School to accompany the Mountain View High School Ambassadors to answer any questions incoming freshmen might have about high school.
LAHS has sent students to Blach in the past, but stopped recently because only a few students went on to attend LAHS, with the majority attending MVHS.
This year, that number of students rose to 43, a large number compared to last year’s 8 students.
ASB Member-at-Large sophomore Tyler Stout was among the students who attended the outreach program. Tyler came from Blach two years ago to attend LAHS.
“We passed out notecards,” Tyler said. “Each student would write down something they knew, something they didn’t know and a question they had about high school.”
The presenters from both high schools then went through the notecards and answered any questions the students had.

ASB to create new website component

To make ASB more accessible to the student body, ASB is trying to add another part to the school website. This project is currently being headed by ASB Member-at-Large sophomore Jack Montgomery.
Jack hopes to improve communication between ASB and the student body.
“We are the people that put on the events,” Jack said. “We like people’s input.”
According to Jack, this is part of a much larger effort by ASB to become more active in the student body.
Details about how much freedom ASB has to change the website are still unclear.
“We still need to meet with Principal Wynne Satterwhite to see how much freedom we have,” Jack said.

Senior Class to choose prom theme

The senior prom will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose on Saturday, May 16. Ticket prices have yet to be determined, although the Senior Class Council is hoping to fix them sometime this week. The tickets are estimated to cost somewhere between $70 and $80 per person.
On Tuesday, February 10, the Senior Class Council narrowed the possible dance themes down to five ideas. These themes were Ancient Greece, City of Lights, Arabian Nights, Blue and Silver and 60’s Pop Art.
These choices were put on a ballot and voted on by the entire Senior Class during English classes last week. As of press time, the final theme decision was unknown.