News Briefs

Test prep company presents in classes

A Revolution Test Prep representative came and spoke to junior English classes about how they provide test preparation for both the SAT and ACT tests. The representative covered the cost and what the course would provide for students.
When the school first partnered with Revolution Test Prep, the company made announcements in classrooms. In subsequent years, however, the practice was discontinued. This year, Revolution decided to return to the classrooms with the addition of a new mock exam.
“We decided to go into classes again this year because this is the first time an ACT prep class is being offered,” English teacher Joanne Miyahara said.
Miyahara emphasized that the announcements were “focused on providing information about PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation, not on promoting Revolution Test Prep opportunities.”

Mandarin teacher returns to school

Chiao-Li Wang, the Mandarin teacher who left the school early in the year due to problems with her teaching requirements, has returned to teach Mandarin. Wang worked with the language program at Foothill College to correct the earlier problems and returned to the school in January.
“I hope to stay here,” Wang said. “Having one teacher is good for the students, and they have had two substitute teachers. That isn’t good for them.”
Wang said that she really hoped to return to the school after she left.
“I really missed the students,” Wang said. “I felt I was destined to return to teach here.”

Ron Nelson leaves

Friday, January 30 was Student Conduct Liaison Officer Ron Nelson’s last day at the school.
Nelson has worked at the school for the past eight years.
He is returning to his hometown in Pennsylvania to be with his family.
Nelson says he will “miss all the students in the classroom, in the sports fields, in the theater, and everywhere else.”
His favorite memory of the school is how he has impacted the students’ lives.
“At Camp Everytown, they asked what one of our goals were,” Nelson said. “Mine was to make a difference in just one person’s life. To just make a difference in someone’s life everyday.”
Nelson hopes to stay in touch with the students at the school.
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