New Trainer Brings Aid to Student Athletes

The school hired a new athletic trainer, Jasmine Gittens, who is currently involved in the majority of after-school sports at the school. From 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. every day, Gittens can be seen prowling the fields, in the weight-training room or the gym. Gittens takes care of injured athletes and helps them to increase their strength and physical well-being through exercise and instruction.

The school’s Athletic Department has a contract with San Jose State University. Students at SJSU who major in athletics are hired and receive credit to work with high school athletes in two-year.

Gittens, who moved from Pennsylvania to the Bay Area, is currently studying for a Masters degree in athletics at SJSU. She will work at the school as a GA (Graduate Assistant) for the next two years through the contract between the school and SJSU.

Her transition from university student to athletics trainer has been smooth.

“I came into a great opportunity,” Gittens said. “Transitioning to this school has been easy, and Kim Cave has helped me a lot in adjusting here.”

Though she has only been here for several months, Gittens’ dedication to the Athletic Department is already clear.

“We’ve already had a few serious incidents [in sports] this year, and Jasmine has been there every time, doing everything she could,” Cave said. “She’s a great trainer, and I’d definitely rank her very high.”

The students she has worked with have also recognized and commended her ability.

“I think she’s the best trainer Los Altos has ever had,” juniors Veronica Milliken said.

Sophomore David Ilisha, who plays basketball at the school, also agrees that she is fit for the job.

“She cares a lot, and she has magical healing powers,” David said.

Gittens’ background in sports also contributes to her dedication and enthusiasm. She has been a longtime sports lover and a student-athlete.

Gittens played basketball “for almost all of [her] life” and was a prized player at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, from which she graduated.

As a result, she enjoys working with the athletes at the school.

“So far it’s been great here; I love it,” Gittens said. “All of the kids are very, very nice. They’ve been accepting, and we’ve formed good friendships already.”