New Librarian Set to Work Next Year

Due to librarian Nina Waite’s upcoming retirement, Mountain View High School (MVHS) librarian Gordon Jack will replace her in the school’s library. Jack has been working at the MVHS library the past year, but will work alongside librarian Christine Bridges at LAHS next year.

Jack views the library as the learning center of a school for students and a place where students “go to direct their own learning, either by getting a book they want to read, or finding some information they need.”

“With so many different things going on, [libraries] are very interesting environments to be in,” Jack said. “I also like collaborating with teachers and figuring out how to bring the library resources to their classrooms.”

Jack hopes to collaborate with teachers to make learning more interesting and relevant, as he believes that the school’s curriculum exists in places beyond the textbook,

Going into next year as the new school librarian, Jack intends to make a few changes to improve students’ experience in the library. On top of making library resources more accessible on the web, Jack also hopes collect the students’ input on what improvements they would want to see for the upcoming year.

“More importantly, I want to hear from the LAHS students what their ideas are,” Jack said. “That’s why we are surveying students now to learn what they like about the library and how they see it could be improved.”

Looking to the future, Jack hopes to work at the school’s library for as long as he can and has no current plans to return to the MVHS library.