New Features Added to

Dear readers,

As promised, the web team has continued to bring you new features to the site you hopefully love. (See “A Note to Our Readers” to read the full story).

Yesterday we introduced a new photo element—The Talon Galleries. A few posts already have it implemented, so check out “Eagles Dominate Archrival Mountain View 28-14 in First League Game” and “Pride, Prejudice and Purple at LAHS” to see some examples.

The galleries feature allows us to show you higher quality photos and a photo gallery (situated above the article) that can be navigated both by buttons and—most importantly—arrow keys.

In the web as medium, it’s clear that photos, video and community integration define web journalism. Conveniently, it’s also what you readers have asked to see more of!

Beyond more commenting features and social media integration, we’re taking a step towards photos. Even if you don’t have time to read through the whole article, we’re getting you more photos and an easier way to flip through them. And hey, we care about your Facebook profile pictures, too!

Up next is video, a feature we plan to present in a similar interface like The Talon Videos. Currently we’re working on getting the recordings from Science & Tech week so you can see whatever you missed because of those (inconvenient) classes.

Stay tuned for more soon.

Yours truly,
the Web Team