New Crosswalk System Ready for Student Use

Students are now able to use the crosswalk system on the corner of North Gordon Way and Almond Avenue. Weber Tractor Service began the construction in late July.

The workers placed buttons on large poles on either side of the crosswalk to trigger the lights on the ground. Once pressed, the buttons produce an automated voice that give instructions in order to ensure that the pedestrian crosses safely. The lights on either side of the elevated crosswalk will then blink to catch the attention of drivers.

“The blinking light crosswalks are safer,” Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg said.

The crosswalk device is the same as those used along the downtown Los Altos area of San Antonio road. The city of Los Altos decided on the Construction.

“The lights are very visible to all drivers, giving me plenty of time to cross,” junior Andrew Sargent said.