New Courts on Campus


Elyssa Kennedy

Los Altos High School added new courts on campus.

What was previously a vast region of nothing but blacktop and a few lunch tables now houses two half basketball courts, a pickleball court and two ping pong tables, all located near the back of the large gym.

“Mr. Rosenberg wanted to ensure that we brought back a space for students to be active,” physical education teacher Kiernan Raffo said. The space was designed with the purpose of providing students with a place to have fun during brunch and lunch periods, similar to the basketball and street hockey courts the school had before the Fitness Center was constructed.

The feedback from the student body has been generally positive, and many students can be found using the equipment throughout lunchtime.

“Now I have something to do,” freshman Jagger Heath said. “It’s made lunch a lot more entertaining, and now I look forward to it more.”

Some students, however, do not share Jaggar’s enthusiasm; others, such as sophomore Mae Nicolau, thought the placement of the ping pong tables was initially off putting. Because the tables are situated in front of many of the 900 building’s entrances, some students find it inconvenient to have to go around them on their way to and from classes.

“It felt like it was kind of in the way,” Mae said.

The school postponed the court restoration due to a shortage of space to build new amenities such as basketball and street hockey courts. Some students still find the area to be too cramped or uneven to enjoy a competitive game of basketball or pickleball.

Regardless of those drawbacks, many students continue to enjoy the courts.

“Although they are not as big as they used to be, we are excited to have a space back,” Raffo said.