New Boys Volleyball Team Gets Coach

The administration has selected a new boys volleyball coach, Dave Radford, for the team’s inaugural season. Radford has had a long career of playing volleyball, including being the recipient of the NCAA National Title Division One in the years 2002, 2003 and 2004. He has also coached other high school teams, including Brethren Christian High School, where he coached varsity volleyball.

One of the team’s players, senior John Dai, met the new coach at a preliminary meeting.

“We met him at the meeting on Tuesday,” John said. “I do remember [him] saying that he has been playing volleyball since fifth grade, and has played club, high school, college, and after college.”

The new coach has already had experience with Los Altos players.

“He has also coached ‘Eclipse,’ a club team that had some girls from Los Altos last year,” John said.