New Assistant Principal Returns to a Familiar Place

For new Assistant Principal Morenike O’Neal, the school is an old friend. Although the East Palo Alto native attended Sacred Heart Preparatory School, her sister went here. In addition, her father and uncle worked as a football coach and instructional aid.

“A lot of staff remembered when my dad worked here,” O’Neal said. “Everyone has welcomed me with open arms.”

O’Neal found teaching a natural passion. Though originally intending to study international law, O’Neal was given the opportunity between her junior and senior years in high school to be a teaching assistant with a program called Aim High for at-risk kids.

“Teaching became very addictive,” O’Neal said. “I fell in love with the sound of my own voice.”

Most recently, O’Neal worked at Concord High School in Concord. After working there for four years, she jumped at the opportunity to return to the school she had always known.

O’Neal replaced former Assistant Principal Kathleen Meagher, who resigned over the summer after she was offered the position of elementary school principal. So far, O’Neal said, the transition has been smooth.

Her responsibilities at the school include working with the counselors and helping students fulfill the A-G requirements needed to graduate. She handles students with last names beginning with A through G.

“So far it’s great,” O’Neal said. “The kids have been awesome. I’d be doing a lot more work in Concord than I am here.”