The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

The Talon

The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

The Talon

The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

The Talon

Nerds, Geeks Can Find Home(page) at

It’s hard to find shopkeepers who appreciate a teenager’s desire for titanium sporks and USB rocket launchers.

Thankfully, ThinkGeek can lend a hand. From plush microbes to Star Trek Enterprise bottle openers, the site has just about everything necessary to unleash a student’s inner nerd. Unlike most online shopping sites, ThinkGeek offers unique items that viewers are unlikely to find elsewhere, making it a fun and often useful site to browse.

The website is organized into several categories, including but not limited to “T-Shirts and Apparel,” “Geek Toys,” “Home and Office” and “Caffeine and Candy.” Categories are then further divided into subgroups, allowing for easy site navigation and helping buyers to quickly find what they need.

Products themselves vary greatly. Categories such as “Caffeine and Candy” specialize in unusual goodies (think astronaut ice cream) and anything that might possibly keep customers awake slightly longer, while “Geek Toys” emphasizes science toys, puzzle toys and “cube warfare” supplies. Rubik’s cube experts can even try their hands at the “Megaminx Duodecahedron Puzzle.”

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Often, products just seem useless—neither wasabi-flavored gum nor a lidless, hinge-less “Magic IQ Gift Box” serves any conceivable purpose. For the most part, though, the items sold are quirky and fun, whether it’s a personal blood-typing kit, Japanese “lucky golden poo” or a set of plush Star Wars characters.

For those who just want to browse, the site also has a “Customer Favorites” toolbar that highlights only the most popular items sold. Unfortunately, as exciting as several of these favorites are, viewers who stick to them often bypass somse of the site’s more creative merchandise.

ThinkGeek can get pricey, with cases of Bawls (ThinkGeek’s “favorite” caffeinated drink) coming to $40. The site’s “Shop by Interests” navigation tool can help site users find drinks within a desired price range, but for the best deal, it is often better to just splurge on items sold exclusively by ThinkGeek.

Customers who create ThinkGeek accounts can also sign up for the “Geek Points” reward program. Those who sign up earn points for site purchases, which can later be cashed in for rewards including promotions, discounts and special ThinkGeek products.

The site’s humor is refreshing. Empty shopping carts trigger the note “Your cart is lonely” and product titles—such as the “ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron”—are often slightly self-deprecating.

ThinkGeek isn’t perfect: A few products are straight-up weird, while others just don’t seem worth the cost. But despite its drawbacks, ThinkGeek is clever and entertaining. Merchandise ranges from relatively mainstream to hardcore geekdom, leaving something for everyone.

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