Neko Atsume

February 12, 2016

Whether you are a cat lover or would just like a fun app to pass the time, the quirky and compelling game Neko Atsume can be enjoyed by all users. Neko Atsume is a newly popular, free mobile game in which users have one simple objective: use food to attract stray cats.

When the cats arrive, users can watch them play or take pictures with them to add to a virtual album. As players continue to care for the cute felines, their bonds grow stronger and the cats bring rewards such as gold and silver fish, which serve as currency. Silver fish can be used to purchase enhancements for the play area like fun toys, and the gold fish can be used for premium items or expanding the area. The best part of this app is that it can be played at no cost, but in-app purchases can be made if one wants to quickly stock up on fish to buy the furry friends some more gifts.

Taking a peek at the app during lunch, or as a break from homework, is always enjoyable when finding out which one of the 48 types of cats paid a visit. It may seem silly, but collecting adorable kittens in Neko Atsume proves a highly addictive, entertaining way to pass time and overall makes for a must-download game for all teenagers.


Heads Up!

Created by talk show host Ellen Degeneres, Heads Up! is a great pastime in which players can name celebrities, guess funny accents and imitate silly animals. The objective of the game is as simple as it gets: guess the word on the screen across your forehead.

One player holds up a device with a word on the screen as others give the player nonverbal hints to help guess the word. The player has 60 seconds to guess as many words as possible before time runs out. The video feature simultaneously records players as they try to give hints to the guesser, making the game even more amusing. Users can choose from a variety of “decks” to play with, including accents and impressions, superstars, blockbusters and movies, animals, icons and legends and the incredibly popular act it out.

To see how entertaining this addictive guessing game can be, check out a few clips from Ellen Degeneres’ show as she plays her own app with several celebrities including Tina Fey, Usher, Adam Levine and Oprah. From waiting in line with friends to needing a lunchtime source of pure entertainment, Heads Up! is an easy to play game for any and all teenagers who just need a little laugh.

Sleep Cycle

Waking up to a blaring alarm in the morning, right in the middle of peaceful, deep sleep is a daily struggle for most high schoolers. Now, instead of trudging through the morning half-asleep, students can download Sleep Cycle to help them out.

An interactive alarm clock, Sleep Cycle tracks sleep patterns and wakes users up during light sleep in order to leave them feeling refreshed and well-rested in the morning. Users input the 30-minute time interval in which they want to be woken up and Sleep Cycle uses the collected data to wake people up when they are in their lightest sleep. In addition, the app tracks the quality and amount of sleep users get with helpful graphs showing sleep disturbances or uninterrupted intervals. Through sound analysis technology, Sleep Cycle tracks movements during sleep and identifies when bodies are in different sleep states. It gives helpful statistics such as the times during which users are asleep, how many hours they slept and a percentage ranking of the quality of their sleep.

Sleep Cycle can help stressed-out and sleep-deprived teenagers manage their sleeping habits and is an absolute must-have for any student who wants to wake up feeling well-rested and relaxed.

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