Necklace smashes library window

A necklace shattered one of the school library windows this afternoon, Tuesday, September 1.

At approximately 3:40 p.m., sophomore Jennifer Wang was swinging her necklace in front of the library windows. She accidentally let go, sending the necklace straight into the glass. The window did not break immediately upon impact.

“Initially it started as just a bunch of tiny cracks in the glass that spread from the center point,” sophomore Yasmeen Serhan said. “But as the glass continued to crack …a huge chunk of glass, probably about 18 to 20 inches fell. It was about five to seven inches wide.”

The library is not blaming the student.

“It was strictly an accident,” school librarian Dr. Nina Waite said.

The school called a glass company to replace the broken window. The repair costs are unknown. Waite expects the repairs to be completed by tomorrow.