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NBA Season Update

Eastern Conference
New York 18 6 0.750 0.0 3-1 10-1 8-5 L1
Brooklyn 13 10 0.565 4.5 5-1 8-5 5-5 L1
Boston 12 11 0.522 5.5 2-4 8-4 4-7 L2
Philadelphia 12 12 0.500 6.0 4-3 8-7 4-5 L3
Toronto 6 19 0.240 12.5 0-5 5-5 1-14 W2
Chicago 13 10 0.565 0.0 4-2 7-6 6-4 L1
Milwaukee 12 10 0.545 0.5 4-1 6-5 6-5 L1
Indiana 13 11 0.542 0.5 3-1 7-3 6-8 W3
Detroit 7 20 0.259 8.0 2-2 5-8 2-12 L5
Cleveland 5 20 0.2 9.0 0-7 3-7 2-13 L3
Miami 15 6 0.714 0.0 3-1 11-2 4-4 W1
Atlanta 14 7 0.667 1.0 7-2 8-4 6-3 L1
Orlando 11 13 0.458 5.5 1-2 6-6 5-7 W3
Charlotte 7 16 0.304 9.0 2-4 5-10 2-6 L11
Washington 3 18 0.143 12.0 1-5 2-8 1-10 L3
Western Conference
Oklahoma City 20 4 0.833 0.0 2-0 14-2 6-2 W11
Minnesota 12 10 0.545 7.0 1-2 7-3 5-7 L1
Denver 13 12 0.520 7.5 2-2 6-1 7-11 W2
Utah 13 12 0.520 7.5 1-2 9-2 4-10 L2
Portland 11 12 0.478 8.5 1-1 7-4 4-8 W3
L.A. Clippers 18 6 0.750 0.0 3-1 10-3 8-3 W10
Golden State 16 8 0.667 2.0 2-2 6-0 10-5 W1
L.A. Lakers 11 14 0.440 7.5 3-2 7-6 4-8 W2
Phoenix 10 15 0.400 8.5 1-3 8-5 2-10 W3
Sacramento 7 17 0.292 11.0 2-3 6-7 1-10 L5
San Antonio 19 7 0.731 0.0 4-0 8-2 11-5 L1
Memphis 16 6 0.727 1.0 2-1 10-2 6-4 W2
Houston 12 12 0.500 6.0 1-4 9-5 3-7 W1
Dallas 11 13 0.458 7.0 1-0 7-3 4-10 L3
New Orleans 5 18 0.217 12.5 0-3 3-10 2-8 L7
League Leaders
Points PPG
1. Kobe Bryant, LAL 29.5
2. Carmelo Anthony, NYK 27.9
3. Kevin Durant, OKC 27.5
4. Lebron James, MIA 25.4
5. James Harden, HOU 25.0
Rebounds RPG
1. Anderson Varejao, CLE 14.6
2. Zach Randolph, MEM 12.6
3. Dwight Howard, LAL 11.9
4. Omer Asik, HOU 11.6
5. David Lee, GS 11.5
Assists APG
1. Rajon Rondo, BOS 12.7
2. Chris Paul, LAC 9.3
3. Jrue Holiday, PHI 8.9
4. Russell Westbrook, OKC 8.7
5. Grevis Vazquez, NO 8.7
Blocks BLKPG
1. Serge Ibaka, OKC 3.00
2. Larry Sanders, MIL 3.00
3. Roy Hibbert, IND 2.96
4. Dwight Howard, LAL 2.56
5. Tim Duncan, SA 2.54
Field Goal % FG%
1. Tyson Chandler, NYK 0.721
2. Tiago Splitter, SA 0.605
3. JaVale McGee, DEN 0.602
4. DeAndre Jordan, LAC 0.586
5. Serge Ibaka, OKC 0.51



Average Points per Game PPG
1. Thunder 105.7
2. Spurs 104.8
3. Rockets 103.7
4. Knicks 103.2
5. Heat 103.1
Average Assists per Game APG
1. Spurs 25.4
2. Celtics 23.5
3. Clippers 23.1
4. Heat 22.9
5. Jazz 22.8
Field Goal % FG%
1. Heat 0.496
2. Thunder 0.489
3. Spurs 0.481
4. Clippers 0.480
5. Celtics 0.469
1. Thunder 0.839
2. Bulls 0.807
3. Grizzlies 0.804
4. Celtics 0.793
5. Magic 0.788


Opponents Points per Game PPG
1. Pacers 90.4
2. Grizzlies 90.9
3. Bulls 90.9
4. Timberwolves 93.7
5. Nets 93.8
Opponents Field Goal % FG%
1. Pacers 0.409
2. Thunder 0.426
3. Bulls 0.426
4. Clippers 0.429
5. Warriors 0.432
Rebounds per Game RPG
1. Pacers 46.3
2. Lakers 45.9
3. Warriors 45.8
4. Timberwolves 45.4
5. Nuggets 44.9


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Power rankings:
Rank Team Comments
1 Thunder The Thunder are off to a hot 20-4 start, and currently hold the best record in the NBA. Superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are both putting up career numbers, and the Thunder are rolling right along their lead. Durant and Westbrook are essentially unstoppable: the most dynamic and deadly duo in the league today.
2 Knicks The Knicks have kicked off the season very impressively, and currently hold the best record in the Eastern Conference. Carmelo Anthony has been on a scoring tear, and has led the Knicks to a blazing hot start. With All-Star Amare Stoudemire back within the next couple of weeks, the Knicks will be even deadlier on the offensive end.
3 Grizzlies Despite a couple flukes in games they should have won, the Grizzlies are still among the top teams to beat in the league. All-Stars Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph are leading the team on both sides of the ball, and are a threat to defenses on any given night. Don’t be surprised to see the Grizzlies right behind the Thunder this year in Western Conference Standings.
4 Clippers The Clippers have simply been on a tear, winning 10 straight games in a row. While their offensive continues to impress with big plays and great play by point guard, Chris Paul, their defense has still been shaky at times this year. It will be interesting to see how much longer the Clippers can continue their stretch.
5 Heat While the Heat still are on top of the Southeast division, their rebounding has been horrible this year, along with inconsistent play on both sides of the ball. The Heat are currently second last in the league in rebounding, and have even lost to the Washington Wizards (who have the worse record in the league). Despite another unbelievable year from Lebron James, the Heat still have a lot of work to do if they want to be championship contenders once again this year.
6 Spurs The Spurs certainly look sharp again for yet another straight year. They are atop the Southwest division rankings and have played solid basketball all year long. The only concern would be endurance and health of their aging roster.
7 Warriors The Warriors have simply been the shock of the season this year. After failing to make the playoffs again last year, the Warriors look like a completely new team this season. On their recent east-coast trip, they defeated the Heat, Hawks, and the Nets. With spectacular play from Stephen Curry and David Lee, the Warriors should continue to impress all season.
8 Hawks The Hawks have played solid basketball all season. All-Stars Al Horford and Josh Smith are both playing very well, and certainly making a good case to claim the Hawks have the best frontcourt in the NBA. It will be interesting to watch how the rest of their season will carry out.
9 Bulls Even without their best player, Derrick Rose, the Bulls are still playing great basketball. Their defense looks really solid this year and they will continue to carry that defensive mindset all season.
10 Nets Despite losing a few games in a row, the Nets still look like a top team in the Eastern Conference. With consistent play from All-Stars Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, the Nets should continue to win games throughout the course of the season.
11 Bucks The Bucks’ backcourt is truly deadly fast. Speedy guards Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis blaze by defenses in a flash, and have torn apart teams all season. If the Bucks can play consistently solid defense, they can be a concern to many teams once the playoffs come around.
12 Celtics The Celtics have struggled with an up-and-down season so far. When they play well, they play really well, however at times they can’t even buy a bucket. In order for them to pick up the pace and start beating top teams, they need to start playing consistent basketball.
13 Sixers After starting off hot, the Sixers have cooled down a bit, and fallen to a .500 record. The Sixers lack true size in the post, and with center Andrew Bynum out indefinitely for the rest of the season, their defensive struggles may continue.
14 Nuggets The Nuggets have started off the season well despite a few losses they could have prevented. Point guard Ty Lawson has shown this season that he has more than just blazing speed, distributing the ball well and shooting efficiently. With the leadership of Lawson and Andre Iguodala, the Nuggets may pull off quite an impressive season.
15 Pacers The Pacers are really an interesting case. They are the number one defensive team in the NBA, allowing only 90.4 points per game, however they are second to last in scoring. Unless they pick it up on the offense, wins and losses will be about split.
16 Timberwolves With yet another outstanding season from power forward Kevin Love, the Timberwolves look impressive after a slow start. Now that point guard Ricky Rubio is back, expect the Wolves to play with an even more high-tempo pace, pick-and-rolling Love and Rubio consistently on offense.
17 Jazz The Jazz have started off the season decently this season. Their frontcourt certainly looks strong with Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, however offensively they have been inconsistent at times.
18 Rockets The signing of shooting guard James Harden was huge for the Rockets, who now finally have a star to run their offense through. Look for them to continue running through Harden and playing inside-out basketball.
19 Lakers Despite unreal scoring numbers from Kobe Bryant, the Lakers still are under .500 for the season. Their defensive rotation is horrible, and center Dwight Howard has still yet to found his niche in the offensive scheme. With the return of Nash, the Lakers may play better offensively, but defense will still be a lingering issue.
20 Blazers Despite incredible play from rookie Damian Lillard and All-Star Lamarcus Aldridge, the Blazers have struggled to close out games thus far. Until they can consistently close out opponents, they will remain low in their divisional standings.
21 Mavericks The Mavericks are still playing without their best player, Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki doesn’t have a timetable for his return, so until then most of the scoring load will be carried by shooting guard O.J Mayo. The Mavs are struggling to find consistent play so far, and are giving up far too many points on defense.
22 Magic The Magic have played decent basketball thus far. With consistent play from their starting unit, they may be able to inch their way up their division this year.
23 Cavaliers After a hot start, the Cavs cooled off with the injury of Kyrie Irving. However, since his return, the Cavs have been on a scoring tear lead by Irving, who is really playing out of his mind at the moment. Their defensive, however, still continues to struggle and allows way too many points in the paint.
24 Bobcats Despite a hot start, the Bobcats have looked quite weak defensively. Unless they can find a more effective defensive scheme, they will be losing to better teams all season long.
25 Suns The Suns just can’t seem to find a starting 5, continuously changing their lineup. In order to start winning games in the West, they need to find their team identity first. Despite good play at times, the Suns have a ways to go to improve.
26 Pistons The only bright spots for the Pistons this year have been point guard Brandon Knight and center Greg Monroe, who are both playing outstanding basketball. Unfortunately, no one else on the team is coming anywhere close.
27 Hornets Although they do have this year’s draft’s number one pick, Anthony Davis, the Hornets just cannot find a way to win games. Their offensive woes will continue this season, especially with superstar Eric Gordon out indefinitely.
28 Kings Center Demarcus Cousins is playing great basketball, however he’s kind of by himself out there. No one else on the squad has played consistent basketball all season, and their defensive numbers speak for themselves. It’s going to be a long season for the Kings.
29 Raptors As if the Raptors season could get any worse, it did. Point guard Kyle Lowry is dealing with a tricep tear and power forward Andrea Bagnani is out indefinitely for the season. Not much needs to be said for their play on both sides of the ball. Luckily, Demar Derozan is still dunking on people.
30 Wizards Well, superstar point guard John Wall, who has yet to play a game due to injury, has recently started practicing. That’s about the only sign of life for the Wizards.
Point Guard
Rank Player
1 Russell WestbrookRussel Westbrook
2 Chris Paul
3 Kyrie Irving
4 Rajon Rondo
5 Stephen Curry
Shooting Guard
Point Guard
Rank Player
1 Kobe BryantKobe Bryant
2 Dwyane Wade
3 James Harden
4 O.J. Mayo
5 Joe Johnson
Small Forward
Rank Player
1 LeBron JamesLebron James
2 Kevin Durant
3 Carmelo Anthony
4 Rudy Gay
5 Paul George
Power Forward
Rank Player
1 Kevin LoveKevin Love
2 Lamarcus Aldridge
3 David Lee
4 Zach Randolph
5 Tim Duncan
Rank Player
1 dwight-howard-trade-lakers-nationalturk-0455Dwight Howard
2 Al Horford
3 Al Jefferson
4 Tyson Chandler
5 Marc Gasol

INJURIES Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose, Point Guard, Chicago Bulls

Former league MVP and all-star Derrick Rose has yet to play a game in the 2012-2013 season. Rose is arguably the best point guard in the NBA, with blazing speed, a supernatural ability to score. Rose is a beast on both sides of the ball, and is a huge threat to defenses on any given night. After tearing his ACL last season and undergoing surgery, Rose has been on a long path towards recovery. Although his return date is indefinite, he seems to be recovering quicker than expected. “Derrick is concentrating on his rehab and at some point he’ll join the team,” Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau said in an interview with ESPN Chicago. Although Rose has been out, the Bulls have still played high-caliber defense, and are 3rd overall in the league thus far in points allowed per game (91.3). However, the Bulls are struggling on the offensive side, scoring only an average of 94.0 ppg, which is 24th overall in the league. Rose, who averaged 21.8 points per game and 7.9 assists per game last season, will spark the Bulls offensively. Until he returns, the team will be finding ways to win games without their superstar and leader. Dirk Nowitzki bei Snipes in Frankfurt

Dirk Nowitzki, Power Forward, Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks have been playing the 2012-2013 season without the best player in the history of their franchise. Nowitzki, who had knee surgery ten weeks ago, has still not been given a definite return date. Nowitzki’s presence is clearly missed by the Mavericks, who are 11-11 this season. Over the course of his career, Nowitzki has averaged a monstrous 22.9 points per game and 8.3 rebounds per game. Until he returns, the Mavericks will continue to struggle in late-game situations.“We’ve kind of been able to start out and kind of build this without him. We’re obviously looking forward to him coming back, but there is no set timetable for that,” Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle said in an interview with Sporting News.

Steve Nash, Point Guard, Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have started the 2012-2013 season with a sub-par 9-14 record. The franchise popularly expected to be championship contenders every season have failed to win even half of their games. While initially there problems seemed to be because of coach Mike Brown (who was fired and replaced by Mike D’Antoni), it is clear that their lack of rotation and ball control is a key contributor to their woes. The Lakers have been playing thus far without future Hall-of-Fame point guard, Steve Nash. Nash, who was recently acquired by the Lakers in the offseason, has averaged 14.4 points and 8.6 assists per game in his NBA career. Without Nash, the Lakers have been unable to keep a consistent tempo on offense and have a distributor on the floor. And who are we kidding, Chris Duhon or Daniel Morris aren’t going to be pumping up the Lakers offense anytime soon. While Nash was expected to return last week, his injury time was extended. Although, Nash has recently revealed to the press that he will be practicing with the team soon. “If I continue to improve and there’s no setbacks, then I should be able to practice next week,” Nash said in an interview with Sporting News. Nash’s return will be critical for the Lakers, who are struggling to find their offensive identity. With Nash on the floor, the Lakers will certainly be able to spread the floor more effectively, opening up Kobe Bryant on the perimeter and pick-and-roll options with Dwight Howard. When Nash returns, the Lakers offense will surely find its form.

Andrew Bynum, Center, Philadelphia 76ers
The 76ers signed center, Andrew Bynum in a deal with the Lakers in the offseason. However, Bynum has yet to play a minute for the Sixers since being signed due to ongoing knee injuries. Bynum, who is dealing with bone bruises and soreness in his knees, may not be available for the Sixers this season. After recently extending his injury in a bowling incident, Bynum has been declared out indefinitely. Currently, there is no timetable for his return. “I feel pain walking around, so it’d be silly to go out and start playing basketball right away (once cleared) because it’s just going to get worse,” Bynum said in an interview with SB Nation Philly. Bynum is clearly still suffering pain, and will be out indefinitely for a long period of time, and even perhaps the rest of the season. The Sixers have started off the season so far with an even 12-12 record, and hope to grow as the season continues. If Bynum returns, he will certainly add depth to the Sixers offensive and defensive play.
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