MVLA introduces Student Advisory Council members


Via Mountain View-Los Altos School District

Last month, MVLA introduced next year’s Student Advisory Council, a group of students from MVLA high schools that will represent students’ opinions and concerns to the Board.

Mountain View–Los Altos (MVLA) Superintendent Dr. Nellie Meyer introduced the 2023-2024 MVLA Student Advisory Council (MSAC) in the recent MVLA Board meeting on Monday, April 24 — a council made up of students from MVLA high schools that will represent students’ concerns and opinions by voicing them to Board members. 

Los Altos High School junior Sadie Gracon and Mountain View High School senior Ava Keshavarzi helped facilitate the creation of MSAC. As the MVLA student Board Representatives (students elected to publicly voice student input during Board meetings, as opposed to the more behind-the-scenes work that MSAC does), Sadie and Ava stated that the goal of the council is to present more student feedback in Board discussions.

“We wanted to create the council to change who gets to impact the Board,” Sadie said. “It’s another stepping stone to get student input directly to the Board of Trustees.”

Aside from representing the MVLA student body, members will also talk with student Board Representatives prior to Board meetings to ensure that student voices are meaningfully represented in the MVLA community. 

Student Representatives of the Board, MVLA ASB presidents, SCL presidents and MVHS Ambassadors president were guaranteed spots on the Council. Other members were appointed through an application process opened in March.

The 21 MSAC members are as follows: 

  • Wesley Bea
  • Christophe Bouteille (Student Board Representative Co-chair)
  • Simona Choi
  • Karina Conchas
  • Anna Corson
  • Jazmine Cruz
  • Samantha Geist
  • Sadie Gracon (Student Board Representative Co-chair)
  • Lauren Holm (LAHS ASB president)
  • Margarita Huulzar-Orozco
  • Oluwajoba (Joba) Idowu
  • River Jones
  • Radhika Kamran (MVHS Ambassadors president)
  • Adeline (Addy) Kopp
  • Davion (DaeDae) Lagumbay
  • Melanie Marin Martinez
  • Avery Olmstead
  • Asha Parker (SCL president)
  • Ella Persky
  • Michael Tayag
  • Angely Vargas