MVLA District Website Updated

On August 12, the MVLA District website was updated, as part of an effort by the school district to make the website easier to navigate and more resourceful for both staff and students.

Initially, the district was hoping to renew Sharepoint, a website service provided by Microsoft that the district website had previously used. But after considering the costs of renewing the service, the district decided it was better to seek alternate solutions and ultimately change the website altogether.

The district formed a small committee consisting of staff from Mountain View High School, LAHS and district representatives to decide which company would be employed. Teachers from LAHS who were involved include math teacher Michael Richardson, English teacher Michael Moul, Vice Principal Galen Rosenberg, librarian Gordon Jack and Georgina Davila. The committee listened to presentations by three web design companies and toured each of the candidates’ website. The committee members then gave feedback on which company they favored and the district eventually decided to hire Cyber School.

Because the website was just recently finished, some features are still yet to be completed. For example, some teacher websites are not currently available but will be transferred to the new platform between October and January. However, services such as Naviance, SIS and parent portals are and will be unaffected by this change.

Staff affiliated with the website are currently undergoing training in order to maintain the website and fix any bugs that may arise. If you notice a bug or error, please send an e-mail to [email protected]