MVLA approves grade change and independent study policies


Emily McNally

The MVLA Board approved AB–130 and AB–104 allowing students to pursue an independent study option and alter their grades from the last school year.

The Mountain View–Los Altos Board of Trustees unanimously approved new policies related to independent study, grade changes, graduation requirements and grade level repetition. These are policies that come from the recently approved California State Assembly bills, AB-130 and AB-104. 

AB 130 was approved after California’s new record-high $263 billion education budget. Part of the bill requires K–12 schools to provide an independent study option for all students whose health may be at risk for the 2021–2022 school year.  

The Board acknowledged that MVLA’s current Option B program — the alternative asynchronous learning plan for students — will require students to attend one synchronous session a week in accordance with the bill. Similar to last school year, Option B will be hosted on the learning platform Edgenuity staffed by credentialed teachers who instruct the students in self-paced lessons. 

The weekly synchronous session will consist of a check in with an MVLA teacher who will act as a mentor. While Option B students are asynchronous, they still receive the same opportunities such as access to school extracurricular activities, select Advanced Placement and honors classes, mental health support and student counseling. 

The Board is also working to make sure that students who are participating in person can transition into Option B within five days any time during the school year in accordance with the state mandate.  

The Board additionally discussed AB 104, which covers 2020–2021 grade level repetition and11–12 grade graduation requirements

During the meeting, it was emphasized that all students who were in grades 9-11 during the 2020-2021 school year can request to be held back and repeat the grade via a parent petition through the district. The petition would cause a school representative to consult with the family in order to find the best learning option for the student. Once a parent or legal guardian sends the petition, the school has 30 days to schedule this consultation.  

The Board also confirmed that a student who was flagged to repeat a grade would be given accelerated options in order to allow the student to catch up with their grade level expectations. 

All members of the board agreed with the policies related to students being able to change their 2020-2021 grades to pass or no pass. Parents can petition for grade changes until Thursday, August 12 by applying through a district form. More information can be found about AB 104 here, and independent study here