Music Department Creates New Jazz Ensemble

The Music Department has created a second jazz band. It is taught by Alex Blue, the assistant director for the school’s marching band, and meets during zero period on Mondays and Wednesdays. The band is composed of about 22 students.
All available slots for this year’s seventh period jazz band went to juniors and seniors. However, Blue and Instrumental Music Coordinator Ted Ferucci wished to give others who had auditioned the opportunity to perform in a jazz ensemble as well. Consequently, they created the new class.
“I think this jazz band is a less time-requiring version of the already existing one,” junior Tommaso Carli said. “We only meet twice a week, while they meet almost every day. It is also a slightly lower level band, so people that could not make it into the first one can go to this one.”
Ferucci did not feel he could teach another band, so he delegated the role to Blue.
“My plate is so full that I can’t teach another band,” said Ferrucci. “Unlike other school music directors in the area I did not have an assistant to help with other bands, but now Alex is doing a terrific job.”
This will be Blue’s first time teaching a class at the school besides marching band.
“[The jazz band] was created to give more students an opportunity to play, and to be introduced to the language of jazz,” said Blue.
Although the band has only been created recently, many students are already enjoying their time in the class.
“So far it has been very fun,” Tommaso said. “Band people naturally get along, and the director is the marching band instructor, so many of us are familiar with him too.”
Unlike with the seventh period jazz band, students in the new ensemble will not receive class credits for their participation during third quarter. However they will receive fine art credits during fourth quarter, when the ensemble will count as an actual class.
Blue expects the ensemble to first perform in March.
“Performances are often the students’ favorite part of music, so I hope to get some in,”Blue said.