Music Department Adds Advanced Orchestra to Instrumental Program

The Music Department has created a new advanced orchestra class this year. The class, called Chamber Ensemble, is offered during fourth period.

Students in the class were selected by band and orchestra director Ted Ferrucci. Mostly juniors and seniors were placed in Chamber Ensemble, but a few sophomores were also chosen. In future years, students will have to audition for the class.

Ferrucci’s decision to create the class was prompted by the large number of students who were enrolled in orchestra, particularly the large number of incoming freshmen.

“The string program has grown over the past years,” Ferrucci said.

This year there are about 70 students enrolled in the school’s string program. Out of those 70 students, 30 are enrolled in Chamber Ensemble, while 40 are in the intermediate sixth period orchestra. Junior Bryan Cassella feels that playing in an advanced ensemble has allowed him to grow more as a musician.

“When you’re at a higher level [of playing]. It’s nice to be working closer to that level,” Bryan said.

Chamber Ensemble will be performing both in conjunction with and separately from orchestra at the ensembles’ first performance on Saturday, November 1.