Mosaic Project in Cafeteria to Be Completed Soon

Before break the school’s Art Department began an extended project with the intent of creating a mosaic composed of windows depicting a continuous scene in the background. Each window would be designed by a different student.

Now, each of those individual compositions are finished. Art teacher Christine An said 45 students participated in creating the mosaic pieces. This leaves only the job of putting the pieces together and mounting them on the largest wall of the cafeteria.

As An said, “They have to flow and they have to fit.”

The mosaic by its nature was a strongly team oriented project. It involved the coordinated effort of many students and teachers alike. Yet, despite any difficulties they encountered, Christine asserted that “the students did an awesome job of working together.”

Though above all else, An is “ just happy that we were able to finish the whole project on time.”

Photos courtesy Jessica Hayes.