More School Dances Would Promote Spirit

The lights are down. That last guilty pleasure song is coming on. Everyone grabs someone’s hand and starts dancing. It is the last song, students are gathering around and everyone is emotional as if it is the last day of school.
But is it only March? The Sadie Hawkins dance, which usually takes place near the end of March, has surprisingly become the last dance of our school year. Since summer is still a good two months later, the school should hold one more dance if possible, a last dance to round off the school year.
Most students would not hesitate to grab another opportunity to dress a little sexier than normal and “throw their hands in the air like they just don’t care” for one last hoorah. Also, many would definitely appreciate one more chance to spend time with all their friends out on the dance floor. Student polls conducted by The Talon have shown that a very slight majority of students would like to have another dance.
“Dances are always fun,” junior Adi Yogev said. “It would give everyone a last chance to be with all the seniors together at a dance since underclassmen don’t go to prom.”
With the last dance taking place so early into the year, the school loses out on more than one great opportunity to bring everyone together. For example, having one more dance provides an opportunity for a class to fundraise. Dances bring in money for future classes.
The money that could be raised if the school hosted one more dance could allow more money for classes to host a better prom. Any underclassman class council would love the opportunity to gain more money for such a fun and simple fundrasier. It would be easy to get a lot of money because the whole school would be involved. Although the idea of a final dance has never been approved before because the name “last chance dance” may have sexual connotations, a final dance of the year (with another name) would still undoubtedly have a lot of positive effects.
Dances bring the school together and provide a source of school spirit. If there’s no such thing as too much school spirit, there can never be too many opportunities for students to bond together and have fun. Another dance would give everyone the chance to dress up, come together and enjoy themselves, during the time of year when students would especially appreciate the chance to let their hair loose because summer is nearing.
By the end of the year, everyone gets stressed out and needs a way to relax, and throwing a dance would do just that for the students. Everyone wants to be able to remember the school year dancing and hanging out with friends, instead of in stuffy classrooms and taking final exams. One more dance would allow the students to remember the year as one of success rather than stress. It allows the students, especially the seniors, to reflect on how great the year was and “end on a high note.”
“I think it’s a good idea,” senior Allegra Tringali said. “I know a few people that are bummed about the fact that the only dance we have left this year is prom.”
This dance could be the thing that the students look forward to at the end of the year. It does not in any means have to be some elaborate ordeal; just give students a DJ and a theme, and it will be a perfect chance to make some great memories by which to remember the year.