Mock Trial Scrimmages Against Carlmont High

The Mock Trial Club competed in a scrimmage today, January 24 against Carlmont High School in preparation for the season’s competitions, which will start in February.

Both the prosecution and the defense teams for the club had a chance to practice their arguments. The club’s prosecution team argued against Carlmont’s defense in co-adviser April Fritz’s room, while the defense argued against Carlmont’s prosecution in co-adviser DeeDee Pearce’s room.

“Overall, I thought our team had made so much progress since our Stockton competition,” Mock Trial President senior Yasmeen Serhan said. “We really got to see where we excel and where we need to improve.”

The current case for Mock Trial this year is People v. Buschell. The trial centers on Ryan Buschell, who is charged by the prosecution with the murder of his friend, Becca Abeles. The pretrial issue for the club is whether the California Concealed Carry Statue violates Ryan’s right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

For more information about the case, click here.