Meet the Court for This Year’s Homecoming

Couple 1: Udaya Tenneti and Cortney Sandlin

Senior Udaya Tenneti plays basketball, runs track, writes for The Talon, plays in the orchestra and is in Math Club and Future Business Leaders of America.

“I was pretty excited [to be nominated] because it was a pretty big accomplishment,” Udaya said.

Participation in various clubs, swimming and water polo have led to a strong fan base for senior Courtney Sandlin.

“I was really surprised,” Courtney said. “I knew that there were a lot of girls on the top 50 list that I thought were going to be on it, so I didn’t think I would make it.”


Couple 2: Kate Keenan and Ricky Lopez

Senior Kate Keenan participates in SafeRides and Kitting Club and is the Sports Editor of The Talon. She has also run cross country and played varsity soccer and varsity volleyball.

“I hope to say that I have given back just a small portion of what the school has given me,” Kate said.

Senior Ricky Lopez is a Member-at-Large in ASB and participates in Class Council, Yearbook and the Latin Student Union. He is also the assistant coach for JV softball.

Ricky was “just happy on getting top 25” but is” really ecstatic that [he is] on court.”


Couple 3: Madison Freeman and Enrique Calderon

Senior Madison Freeman is a member of Amnesty International and ODFL. After being nominated to the top 25, she decided to let fate lead the rest of the way.

“I really didn’t think I was going to make it into the top 10, so I was super excited when I did,” Madison said,

Senior Enrique Calderon runs track and wrestles for the school. He also fills his time participating in Broken Box. He says he is excited and ready to “miss some school.”

“If I win I win; if I lose I lose,” Enrique said.


Couple 4: Andrea Infeld and Keane Johnson

Broken Box, sports and Amnesty International have put senior Andrea Infeld’s name out in the crowd.

“I find [the theme] to be a little challenging, but I think I can work with it,” Andrea said.

Senior Keane Johnson is involved in baseball, marching band, and the National Honor Society.

“This school means a lot to me,” Keane said. “This is where I have spent the longest amount of time at a given school.”

With his brother Audun Johnson campaigning for him, Keane’s future looks bright.


Couple 5: Doug Sangster and Natalya Copeland

Senior Doug Copeland is president of Club Entrepid, a Business Manager for The Talon and captain of boys water polo. The main way he has contributed to the school is “by representing it many times through athletics.”

Senior Natalya Copeland has played tennis and run track. She is involved in Yearbook, Broken Box, Red Cross, SafeRides and Robotics.

“It’s a weird feeling being on court after watching the classes ahead of us for [three] years, but it’s really exciting and I feel honored,” Natalya said.


Couple 6: Elior Iloshah and Dalia Gomez

Senior Elior Ilishah has done Broken Box and Roller Hockey. He is in Club Entrepid and the Pets in Need Club.

“I’ve been given an opportunity to express myself to the school,” Elior said. “And it seems like an opportunity to make a fool of myself.”

Senior Dalia Gomez is in Latin Student Union and the school’s AVID program. She is on Dance Team and says dance is her passion, though she also wants to participate in other activities.

“I want to be involved in school as much as I can [my senior year],” Dalia said. “I’m going to miss Los Altos a lot.”


Couple 7: Katherine Robertson and Jason DeMayo

Senior Katherine Robertson was Features Editor of The Talon last year and is a Managing Editor this year. She is co-president of the Literacy Magazine Club and is a member of Ambassadors. Katherine believes that her greatest contribution to the school has been her “positivity and spirit” and trying “to be open and friendly to everyone.”

Senior Jason DeMayo is the Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook and a member of Club Entrepid, Broken Box and SafeRides. He has played rugby and co-founded the Roller Hockey Club.

Jason describes himself as “a warm and cuddly person” who is “very excited to be on [court].”


Couple 8: Karlo Imper-Vuletic and Jillian Wasson

Senior Karlo Imper-Vuletic participates in Class Council, ASB and varsity baseball. Karlo wants to wow the crowd this year in the skits because he is an “aspiring actor.”

“I was pretty surprised and definitely felt elation,” Karlo said.

His partner, Jillian Wasson said she was “honored to be part of the group of people that were looked upon as being role models.” Jillian is involved in Broken Box, varsity field hockey, track, Amnesty International, freshman advisory and SafeRides.

“I am really excited and hope that people go all out for the dress up days and that everyone attends the dance,” Jillian.


Couple 9: Giovanni Jimenez and Stephanie Baer

Senior Giovanni Jimenez is an officer for Latin Student Union and peer tutors at the school and at Castro Elementary School. He said he was surprised to be on court.

“I was like, ‘Year, right, why would I make it?” Giovanni said.

Stephanie Baer is a Managing Editor for The Talon, the secretary for the National Honor Society, the Senior Class Vice President and a varsity soccer player.

“I’m not really nervous, I just hope that our skits turn out well this year,” Stephanie said.


Chapter 10: Tatyana Day and Nima Emami

Senior Tatyana Day is in Yearbook, Amnesty International, SafeRides, Class Council and ODFL. She also plays piano, signs and dances, which she says is a “way to forget about stress.”

Senior Nima Emami is currently president of ASB and has served as president of Senior Class Council in the past. He is a member of Concert Choir, Varsity Men’s Glee and varsity tennis.

“I just really like coming to school,” Nima said. “I think I’ve only taken like three or six days off … Even if I feel bad I still come.”