May 20–Dodgeball Team of the Day

Team: The Average Joes

Players: Emma Ambler, Varun Butaney, Joe Kull, Ryan Kull, Alex Fache, Andreas Godderis

The second week of Dodgeball commenced today, May 20, and the freshman dodgeball team the Average Joes played a stellar game against their opponents the C-Team. The Average Joes used their agility to their advantage, helping them win by a comfortable margin of 3-0.

Team members managed to dodge powerful throws from their senior opponents. The team’s strong overall performance alongside the team’s cohesiveness wins them Talon’s Team of The Day.

With this win in their pocket, the team will advance on to play Hawhy in the games tomorrow.

“We saw the other team play, and they seemed really good,” freshman Alex Fache said. “It’s going to be a lot harder tomorrow, but I think we have a pretty good chance of winning.”