May 16–Dodgeball Team of the Day

Team: Freshman Phenoms

The fourth day of the dodgeball tournament finished today, May 16, completing the first round of matches. The tournament will now progress into the round of 32. No single player stood out among the rest on day four, and so, The Talon instead chose to commend the most valuable team of the day: the Freshman Phenoms.

The Freshman Phenoms, consisting of freshmen Cole Botsford, Katie Munro, Matthew Heintzen, Trevor Rodgers and Bailey Thayer, crushed their opponents the Buddhas, winning four games successively in the span of five minutes. The most impressive part: the team is made up of six freshmen, each playing a varsity-level sport.

“I think our athleticism had helped us, noting each freshman on our team has played on a varsity sport this year,” freshman Cole Botsford said.

During the beginning of each game, the team sprinted to the middle and moved the balls onto their side before launching them at their opponents.

“For strategy: we tried to use speed to beat them to the balls in the beginning,” Cole said.

The Freshman Phenoms have high aspirations for the remainder of the tournament, and hope to contend with the more senior teams and perhaps even reach the championships.

“Despite us being freshman, our main goal is to make it to the championship,” Cole said. “We know there are all senior teams but we believe that if we play as well as we did today, we can win the championship.”