May 13–Dodgeball Player of the Day

Player of the Day: Zachary Wong

Team: Golden Boys & Girls

Dodgeball started off with a bang today, May 13. Students and teams poured in to fill the large gym — some to watch, some to play. Today, the first round of 16 teams played in the high intensity tournament. But amid the din of cheers and shouts, the screeching of whistles and the furious commentating of social studies teacher Michael Messner, one student, freshman Zachary Wong, turned heads throughout the gym with his impressive performance.

His team, the Golden Boys & Girls, faced off against Goon Squad in the last set of the games played today. Quickly outgunned by Good Squad, Golden Boys & Girls was eventually whittled down to one or two players. One of the players left standing was Zachary. With Zachary vastly outmanned and at a size disadvantage, it appeared that this round of dodgeball would end predictably with the team taking out the last player standing. But this was not the case.

What Zachary lacked in size, he more than made up in catching, dodging and throwing skill. Despite being the last man standing on his team, Zachary bided his time, making accurate throws and catching a number of impressive throws directed towards him. His performance raised cheers from the entire gym as the crowd watched in amazement.

“I felt like I needed to put the team on my back,” Zachary said. “I’ve played a lot in PE.”

Golden Boys & Girls eventually fell to Goon Squad, but not without Zachary fighting hard before going down.

“My team got out… but maybe next year,” Zachary said.