Math Team Places Second in Diablo Valley Contest

The school’s Math Team competed at a contest at Diablo Valley College and placed second overall on Saturday, February 4.

The contest consisted of individual and group rounds. Sophomore Xianglong Ni placed second in his grade level and juniors Willem Van Eck and John Dai placed second and third, respectively.

As opposed to merely preparing for contests, the Math Team solves problems together during their meetings.

“We’ve been solving problems together each meeting, and teaching each other new problem-solving strategies that we’ve learned individually,” Willem said. “That way, we each get to share off each other’s strengths and knowledge and synergize.”

Although the Math Team is currently a small-time team compared to the math teams at Gunn High School or Lynbrook High School, it hopes to become more competitive in the future.

“We’re looking ahead to even great achievements in the future,” Willem said.