Marching Band Updates Uniforms After 24 Years

After 24 years of wearing the same uniform, the Eagle Marching Band has purchased new uniforms. They will be showcased at the band’s performance at the Mountain View Community Thank You on October 2 at 4 p.m.

Music Director Ted Ferrucci and the Music Boosters group decided about a year ago that the uniforms needed the upgrade.

“They’re a more contemporary look, moving our look into the 21st century, a new way to represent Los Altos High,” Ferrucci said. “The old uniforms were very traditional, [but] the new uniforms are definitely on the cutting edge.”

The new uniforms are blue on the right side and black on the left side, with crossing white lines in the middle which separate the colors. The lines form the letters L and A, with the L crossing the A. The new uniforms are also made out of polyester, while the old uniforms were made out of wool, which means that the uniforms are lighter and better protect against heat.

Parents as well as students involved in the leadership staff played a role in choosing the design for the new uniforms. Marching band members were even given the opportunity to try on the different ideas presented during the process of deciding a uniform design.

The new uniforms cost around $40,000, but 15 years of fundraising minimalized the expense. Students agree that the investment was worth the cost and are pleased by the new design.

“The new uniforms are really modern and cool,” junior David Kay said. “But they still conjure the spirit of Marching Band, of its tradition. I bet they will look a little intimidating too.”

Students who liked the old uniforms are happy with the upgraded uniforms.

“I liked the old uniforms because we were the only ones with traditional uniforms, [however] the new uniforms are really awesome,” sophomore Willem Van Eck said. “They represent how our band is changing.”