Marching Band Finishes Season

The marching band performed in the local competition at James Logan High School at 4:30 p.m. on November 10 after a Fall Finale performance exhibition at 10 a.m. that morning on the LAHS football field. The marching band practiced for this performance with regular rehearsals of “Senses,” a show that uses a variety of contemporary music and vivid visuals in order to depict all five senses.

The band competed in the 2AA class for the Western Band Association circuit this year against other bands with 60 to 80 musicians. Two longtime competitors are the bands of the Live Oak and Evergreen Valley High School.

The marching band has been successful in the last two seasons, and it has kept up its success this season by winning 1st place for Best Music, Best Visual Effect and Best General Effect in the 2AA competition division. Last year, the marching band won the High Music award from the state competition in the AAA class.

“The marching band consistently performs musically and visually demanding shows that are harder than those performed by most schools, and that challenges the members of the band,” music director Ted Ferrucci said.

This year’s “Senses” show was just as difficult as prior shows that marching band performed, and the band displayed a similar degree of excellence.