Main Street Trains, Bonds at Choir Camp

The Main Street Singers are at Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek this weekend, where they will rehearse their repertoire for the first semester.

“I think people attribute the idea of community building more to sports and activities like marching band, but the idea is that through rigorous practice and many hours spent over the course of a long period of time, a group becomes more closely knit through mutual struggles,” bass senior Vincent Lai said.

The camp provides the Main Street Singers with an opportunity to get to know each other better and bond through this shared experience. Singers will be living, eating and singing together throughout the entire weekend.

“We do see each other a lot during the school year,” soprano senior Ellie Robertson said. “But because we work so hard and also have other things going on, no one is really able to get to know each other. So at camp, where we are all together and stay together, we get to become friends and know each other during the times we aren’t singing.”

The Main Street Singers will learn a variety of different holiday songs in preparation for the December concert season. They left on 1 p.m. after the SAT testing today, October 6,, and will arrive home on the night of Monday, October 8.

“To quote Mr. Shaull, ‘Main Street would not be possible without camp,’” Vincent said.